KKC - Roster 2018:

Jan: Amie
February: Ana-Rita
March: Vannessa
April: Janine
May:  Clarissa
June:  Kerry
July:  Linda
August:  Fiona
September:  Nadine
October:  Carol
Nov:  Lucy
Dec/Jan:  Rita


What:  Relaxing supper with besties
When:  25 January 2018
Where:  Cafe Chameleo
Cost:  your food and drinks
Patrons Present:  Fiona, Carol, Charnel, Lucy, Nadine, Ana-Rita, Kirstie (CJ's SIL) and Amie
Organised by:  Amie

Amidst the craziness of the new year's activities a few of us were available to take some time out to relax and chat nonsense while enjoying some supper.  Cafe Chameleon is an old favourite of many.  The food was generally quite good - although Lucy's calamari steak was a little chewy.... And the waiter was quite yummy to look at ;-)

It was a nice relaxing evening spent catching up, laughing and talking about water saving strategies.  And we got to meet Kirstie, who is a chef and has just moved to Cape Town to run a restaurant in Devon Valley (Stellenbosch) - which we will have to visit for a future KKC or dinner club.  

Each person received a "beginning of the year stress pack" containing a few spoils!!!


What: Beginner's Pilates session and luncheon afterwards
When:  21 October 2017 10am
Where:  P.Fit Studio - 3 Shaw Crescent, Edgemead
Cost:  R80 per person (Group special)
Organised by:  Carol
Patrons present:  Nadine, Amie, Kerry, Kylie, Megan and Carol

October KKC was a 1 hour beginner's Pilates session.  The instructor, Samantha King, started practicing Pilates after she was diagnosed with Scoliosis and told she needed an operation to improve the 2 curvatures in her spine.   Pilates helped her so that she didn't need surgery anymore.  She then decided that she wanted to help others reach their goals so she studied at ETA Sports College and then opened her own studio at home.  You can read her story on www.pfit.co.za
We started the session with a warm-up of stretching down towards our toes, followed by several unflattering poses and then we exercised using special equipment designed to improve our physical strength, flexibility and posture (eg. arm weights adn stretch bands).  The session ended with cool-down stretches.
Pilates is a wonderful way to strengthen and improve problem areas you might have.  It has definitely helped me with my lower back and hip problems.  It's for both men and women and will leave you feeling fitter and more agile.
Afterwards the ladies went to Barista Boys for lunch at the Edgemenad Village Shopping Centre.
CJ xxxx



What: Girls weekend away in Stilbaai
When:  24th September
Where:  Stilbaai
Cost:  Food and shopping
Organised by:  Nadine
Patrons present: Ana-Rita, Kerry, Amber, Nadine, Linda, Carol, Janine

For our September 2017 KKC, 7 ladies went to the holiday house in Struisbaai (Thanks Linda).  It was also a farewell for Janine, who is leaving us for an adventure in Canada.  Kerry, Janine, Amber and Nadine were swashed into Janine's car with her luggage for her UK trip, (Fetched from Stellenbosch offices).  While Linda, Ana-Rita and Carol travelled together and stopped at Dassiesfontein along the way for lunch.  The weekend started with much needed rain (and looking for a fuse box outside).  We ate, we drank and we chatted.  It was so relaxing.  Thanks for the chocolates provided again too.  Saturday morning after a pancake (thank you Amber) and croissant breakfast we travelled to L'Agulhus to see the point where the two oceans meet.  We took lots and lots of photos of everything.  Even an impromptu photo shoot with Kerry and Linda and then off we went to the lighthouse.  The brave souls who climbed to the top, had a beautiful view of the surroundings.  We visited the shops and bought lots of souvenirs then back to Struisbaai for lunch in a little place on the beach.  Janine managed to chat up some young guys from Worcester in the process.  Then a leisurely walk back to the house.  Supper was leftovers and we even enjoyed a board game.  The next morning Janine, Kerry and Amber left early (crack of dawn early) to drop Janine at the airport and the rest of us enjoy a slow meander back to Cape Town stopping at Dassiesfontein on the way for lunch.  Thank you everyone for an amazing and relaxing weekend.  Kit-Kats are on their way (watch this space).
Thank you too to Carol for our beautiful slippers with our names on them.



What:  Celebrating Woman's day
When:  8 August 2017
Where:  Petit Fours Blouberg
Cost:  your breatkfast
Patrons Present:  Kerry, Amber, Janine, Amie, Nadine, Carol, Clarissa, Ana-Rita, Deirdre, Lexi, Fiona, Lucy, ABSENT Rita, Linda, Vannessa
Organised by:  Kerry for Rita

As we are a group of ladies that take every opportunity to celebrate, we decided to go to Petit Fours on Blouberg Beachfront for a late leisurely breakfast.  We were all gifted with a beautiful rose from Janine at each of our place settings.
The morning was cold, blustery and foggy, but the warmth within the establishment (and friendship circle) kept us cosy.  The breakfast menu was extensive and different, the portions were large and filling.  Their speciality, must be their hot chocolate that made the old fashioned way with melted chocolate and milk and decorated with a piece of Flake and marshmallows - decadent to say the least. What a way to celebrate our friendship and being women - with our amazing group of friends.


What:  Mindfulness
When:  22 July 2017
Where:  Fiona's house
Cost:  Fiona's house
Patrons present:  Lucy, Janine, Clarissa
Organised by:  Fiona

"Mindfulness helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned responses".  Basically training your mind to focus on the here and now when you are agitated, irritated, anxious, etc.  To breathe and to manage the unexpected.

Pottery Session - June 2017

What:  Pottery Session
When:  24th June, 10am - 12pm
Where:  Edgemead
Cost:  R125.00
Patrons Present:  Janine, Ana, Kerry, Fi, Lucy, Amie, Nadine, Amber, Carla-Anne and Clarissa
Organised By:  Clarissa

On Saturday 24 June 2017 10 of us joined together at the pottery studio of the lovely Sue Kent in Edgemead.  Whilst some found the prospect of creating a brand new item out of a lump of clay intimidating, everyone dove in and gave it their all, not quite knowing if their finished products would be display worthy.  Some made plates and bowls, others made storage containers and others decorative items such as tiles and crosses.
From shapeless mounds of clay, beautiful creations emerged, and once fired, could proudly stand on the shelf of any high-end decor store - they were that good!  Sue's patience and willingness to teach us a new skill was well received and translated into a beautiful morning of laughter, exploration and a very rewarding sense of achievement.  Wine  and champers afterward, 
Warm regards