KKC - Roster 2017:

December/January: Ana-Rita
February: Vannessa
March:  Lucy
April: Janine
May: Kerry
June: Clarissa
July:  Fiona
August: Rita
September: Nadine
October: Carol
November: Linda
Dec/Jan: Amie
February: Ana-Rita

March: Vannessa
April: Lucy


What:  Celebrating Woman's day
Patrons Present:
Organised by:


What:  Mindfulness
When:  22 July 2017
Where:  Fiona's house
Cost:  Fiona's house
Patrons present:  Lucy, Janine, Clarissa
Organised by:  Fiona

"Mindfulness helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned responses".  Basically training your mind to focus on the here and now when you are agitated, irritated, anxious, etc.  To breathe and to manage the unexpected.

Pottery Session - June 2017

What:  Pottery Session
When:  24th June, 10am - 12pm
Where:  Edgemead
Cost:  R125.00
Patrons Present:  Janine, Ana, Kerry, Fi, Lucy, Amie, Nadine, Amber, Carla-Anne and Clarissa
Organised By:  Clarissa

On Saturday 24 June 2017 10 of us joined together at the pottery studio of the lovely Sue Kent in Edgemead.  Whilst some found the prospect of creating a brand new item out of a lump of clay intimidating, everyone dove in and gave it their all, not quite knowing if their finished products would be display worthy.  Some made plates and bowls, others made storage containers and others decorative items such as tiles and crosses.
From shapeless mounds of clay, beautiful creations emerged, and once fired, could proudly stand on the shelf of any high-end decor store - they were that good!  Sue's patience and willingness to teach us a new skill was well received and translated into a beautiful morning of laughter, exploration and a very rewarding sense of achievement.  Wine  and champers afterward, 
Warm regards

Homemade Pasta - May 2017

What:  Pasta Lesson in Chef Niel's Salty seafront Kitchen
When:  13th May 2017
Where:  Van der Spuy House
Cost:  R50.00 p/p and money will be donated to Freddie's Fundraising
Patrons Present:  Janine, Kerry, Nadine, Lucy, Kylie, Clarissa, Vannessa, Amie, Carol, Fiona, Freddie and Anri
Organised by:  Kerry
Everyone was teamed up into groups (was originally in pairs, but due to a malfunction in the planning and lack of flour - groups were formed).  The ingredients were mixed - however, some of the students weren't listening properly and cocked it up.  (No not Janine this time).  Fiona and Carol were star pupils in this round.
The mixture was then gathered up and formed into a sausage, which caused excitement and Amie proved to be the best contender in holding and forming this chunky, long sausage pasta mix.  The sausage was then cut into 10cm lengths (hand sized) and then fashioned into 6-inch manageable pieces.
A rolling pin was used to roll out these pieces to flatten them and they were used to make lasagne and cannelloni.  We then moved onto the mechanical part of the lesson, where highly sophisticated catering equipment was used.  Janine seemed to battle with her 6" rod, but the other attendees knew how to flatten the bastard, (yes why would anyone want to flatten it).
The second phase of the product line was learning to make the spaghetti and tagliatelle.   Pots of boiling water were bubbling away as the fresh pasta was dropped in to be cooked.
A range of fresh and tasty toppings, created by gourmet chefs were on hand, to be added to the mouth watering piping hot pasta.
A total of R550.00 was donated to Freddie towards the funding of a new wheelchair.

Self Defence - April 2017

What:  Self Defence
When: 1 May 2017
Where:  Century City Oval Grass
Cost:  R150.00 for two hours
Patrons Present:  Amie, Nadine, Lucy, Grace, Michael (Instructor) and Janine
Organised By:  Janine

I decided to do a self-defence action KKC for the girls.  Unfortunately, there were only 4.5 of us, but we had lots of fun and learnt a lot. Grace also did some punching.  Lucy has a mean punch so beware, I was left with a lovely blue bruise.  We went to a new restaurant called Bootleggers off Century Way for Brunch.  Service was not great, food okay.

Suzelle workshop - Braai pie & Sugar Scrub - March 2017

What:  Braai Pie and Sugar Scrub by Suzelle
When:  1 April 2017
Where:  Lucy's house
Cost:  R75.00
Patrons Present:  Fiona, Carol, Ana Rita, Janine, Nadine, Grace and Lucy
Organised by:  Lucy

"Marianne" aka Mike braaied our braai pie whilst the Suzelles made the sugar scrub.  Thanks all for all the additional bubbly, cupcakes and peppermint crisp tart.  There was a delay on the kit-kats.